Friday, July 9, 2010

I cried a tear today

My sweet 39 left today headed for georgia, as they loaded her in the truck i was overly bummed but happy at the same time cause it was a true labor of love with her like 9 months or so she was in the grave when i found her and i brought her back to life. Me and benji took one last ride last night and she ran like a top thanks whit for lettin me build her and for lettin me put lots of sweet miles on her have fun.


  1. that truely is a super sweet shot of you guys havin fun.....all good things come to an end and all good things come to those prepared to wait.....

  2. yeah!!! cool bikes....and super cool handlebars!!!
    Greetings from Brazil!!!

  3. That Knuckle is perfect!I love it,well done !!!