Saturday, April 30, 2011

louisiania saturday night

A month ago my sweet holme boy Jonah passed thru phoenix by was of S.F. on his way to his home land in southern louisiana. He rode solo cross country on his hogley davidson 4572 miles layin em down enjoyin the road and livin life. He came back through day before yesterday on his last leg of his ride headin home for his girl and his perrito. He showed up a little more burnt and dirty lookin like a true hombre of the road. We headed to burger works for my favorite burger the Super great big one, to see if jonah was up to the challenge 1 pound of double stacked angus beef with fries and a large 44oz soda, he chowed it down no prob and made me proud. After that night i vowed to begin my serious summer workout routine;) It was good seeing you brother see you again soon love the love cycles family.