Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NOS Pirelli MT-53 - 4.00 x 19 tires 4 sale SOLD

I have a couple of these NOS Pirelli MT-53 - 4.00 x 19 tires both are in very nice condition with no dry rot or signs of use I checked them over real good. One tire is made in italy and is stamped mt-53 4x19 and the other is made in greece and is 4x19 they both share the same tread pattern. I have never found these in this size so if you are running a 19 and want a sweet tire these babies ride real nice. These tires are quite rare and hard to find in this shape and ready to put on any sweet old chopper or whatever. I also have a couple real sweet old avon flat track tires i will post soon for sale. check the pictures and email me at if you want one of these babies thanks jeremiah

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