Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July

This last month was like Christmas in July. I received a few super sweet gifts from friends, whom I love loads. My little brother marcus sent me a little package packed to the brim with goodies he tracked down in Ohio. I had been searching for a good set of heads for my personal knuckle and he found me a beautiful set of knuckleheads, a matched set of early cylinders, a lifter block and original H.D. pistons, still in the harley package. Thanks so much, buddy. She will be poppin wheelies real soon. He has got a job working at a real sweet shop called the gas box which is turning out some real sweet bikes.

My old holmbre jonathan cruised by last week with a Happy days puzzle he had been telling me about for years. The one that fonzi has the knuckle I couldn't believe it super cool cant wait to put her together and hang it up thanks duderino.

My big tattooed brother from a different mother, Sebastian, from the Jokers made me this sweet little handmade leather studded pouch for my telephone 'cause I lose that sucker all the time. Now it is stored safely around my neck wherever I venture. Thanks brother. Love u.

Mr. Webber over at ATR sent me some real nice pegs for my new scooter. He is making them in his top secret dungeon in sunny southern cali. Thanks so much holmbre. I owe U.


  1. getting the mail is one of the best parts of the day,just like xmas

  2. Nice! I love it when the postie leaves presents for me when I get home at the weekend! The last pressie he brought was those fine tanks. And I can't help noticing a pair of springers in the background.... I need a set of 8 over springers. Can you help? All my sets of forks are too long for this short bike!!!

    PS how's my knuckle coming along?

    Cheers, DrBoots

  3. was it your intention to look like garth out of waynes world in that picture? schwing...

    I love your bikes

  4. The important question here is who gave you the king ropes hat? Or'd you go there an get it yourself? That place is in my hometown in wyoming.