Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Germany/Sweden road trip of memories

I have been trying to wake up super early for the last couple weeks and finally woke up @ 3 am this morning so I could scan all my photos from my trip to Germany and Sweden sorry for the delay. I took along my old nikon for the trip because i wanted to have this trip saved to good old reliable B&W film, I shot a few rolls of film i wish it was more but the pictures i dont have on film are forever exposed on the memory card of my brain. My little brother Benji came along with me and made my trip more memorable if u have ever spent time with him u will know what i mean thanks so much sweet face, anyways he shot loads of pics with his digital cam and is slowing posting some pics up on his BLOBgeR.

Our trip started in munchen germany on the 7th of june at the Draggers clubhouse were we had an amazing fish feast and from then on we where on the road in a truck, bike or a boat till the 21st of june it was a real sweet time that blew by so fast. Our first 14 hours in germany was spent in the back of a cargo van in the middle of the night headed for northern germany to a city called Keil to meet up with the rest of the german crew who had left the day earlier with all there old cars, we caught the ferry to Sweden that afternoon after touring a little bit of germany. I had never been on a boat so big in my life or for that amount of time the ferry ride was like 18 hours which dropped us in Gotenborg sweden the next morning.

We unloaded the bikes the next morning and started putting down some miles across the swedish countyside headed for a little town called Tidaholm in the heart of the country were the Jokers held there sweet car and bike show. I must tell you the bike show was undescribable u have to go next year and see it for yourself believe me. We got a few miles before we hit our first rain storm they say it always rains or snows in sweden but when the sun comes out it is an experience to ride there and to feel a different country by way of a motorcycle with friends Plus the sun doesnt go down till like 1 in the mornig and then pops back up at 4 or something like that, the days were a little blurry because they lasted so long. We spent 6 days in that beautiful country seeing and doing lots of memorable things i will forever hold dear to my heart. Gotenborg is a real sweet place and it is the home of the jokers clubhouse which is filled to the roof with tons of sweet old bikes and even sweeter people. They also have the nicest bar in the city called the sissybar u must go and see and sebastians tattoo parlor where he gave me a sweet new tattoo i love u buddy.

We boarded the boat back to germany for another sweet 18 hour sea adventure with with the whole swedish crew with us now, we all pigged out till who knows when in the amazing buffet on the boat it was like a 4 star buffet not the usual 5.99 chinese buffet like we have in the states this thing was all class.. The next morning back in Keil germany we unloaded off the ferry and hit the road with i think 10 old bikes headed for bottrop car show in the middle of the country. We almost had a whole day with sunshine across the country cruisin at a nice pace of 65 mph on the autobahn were cars go faster than i can describe but it was sweet riding in such a sweet pack of friends. Our day wasnt complete though it wouldnt of been perfect without a little rain to finish the day off. I think it was the strongest rain storm I had ever been 4 real like somebody turned on the firehouse but it was amazing me and benji where the only ones whose rain suits made it into the other van that wasnt with us on the road so we improvised with trash bags. Anyways we made it to bottrop safe and sound that night and chilled.

The next couple days in bottrop was real sweet lots of cool cars and bikes and even more sweet people u must go and experience it. That sunday we split our paths with the swedes they headed north to sweden and we headed south to munchen to catch our flight home. I couldn't wait for that 15 hour flight to end so I could see my little babies and mama it was so sweet i was sandwiched between two 300 pound plus germans with some amazing B.O. memories it was an awesome time with all of you guys LOve 4 ever Jeremiah

Map of memories

PEter and his baby boy

Jokers house
rikard and sebastian
family time
Jive turkeys
Rikard, baby boy, Peter. the viking brothers
Pretty boy rikard and jules
Kilos an hour

my favorite pan
Brothers from diffrent mothers
sebastians flathead amazing in color
Le beefs amazing mochine
Da boys
tobi the punk
michael and klause the face demolisher
nicke and magnus

Jules and Johanna
Peter bong hair, Mattias

LE BEEF aka mattias
JOker Jimmy

Benji high times

jules gas

Andrea my sweetness, jules wrenchin

ferry boats
jimmys pan
Gus pan
tattoos in sweden
nicke the handsome, jermiah the fat, rikard the handsomer man
microwave chicken wings
Mr Wright.
fur face

sebastioan and adam
plastic surgery
shine time
Family portrait


  1. Ahhh maaan.....these are freakin awesome!

  2. Your living the dream man! Felizidades amigo!

  3. great pictures and great memories hermano!

  4. eeey man the pictures are amazing!! i love every single one of them!!

  5. baddass Jeremiah...hey bro great music too , the best blog music for shure..even for a few songs..and baby boy is my little boy to a T ...ready to ride n wrench...respect bro

  6. Brought tears to my eyes. Just lost my Dad. Used to ride with him on his homemade panhead choppers. Priceless memories Peter and little boy are makin. families are forever, makem strong.

  7. nice stuff...
    I see you haven't lost your touch with the camera.