Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SOLD !! K-model forks and 19 Wheel,,,,,,, Pirelli MT-53 19" Tire,,,,,,, 17 spool wheel. 4 SALE

SOLD !! I have a nice old complete K-model 1952-1963 forks with correct early steel drum and 19 Wheel. It has one spoke missing in the wheel, it comes with sportster top and bottom trees, brake cable linkage and cable. This set up would look sweet on any old chopper these are pretty hard drums to come accross and look super cool on any bike. $395.00 SOLD

 I also have a nice Pirelli MT-53 19"Tire with no dry rot or cracks. $155.00

I also have a nice cool old 17 spool wheel. $125.00

If you are interested in anything or need more pics feel free to email me @ thaxs Jeremiah 

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