Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sportster Parts Blowout!!

Alrighty I am getting rid of all my sporty stuff. I have two original sporty frames both pre- 1970  the grey one is super nice and comes as it looks, the black one has been molded and comes how it looks minus the oil bag and fender it has new shocks and a rebuilt swingarm.

I have a rad set of super high sporty pipes that have never been run nice old chrome. The only thing is the rear pipe needs the angle changed it stick out to the right of the bike just a little cut and weld.

I have one original early xlch round oil bag that is only missing the front mount tab but is nice everywhere else. I also have the hex horsehoe oilbag on the black frame it is the only on I have seen like it and would look rad on any old chopper.

Email me @ if you are interested all this stuff is priced to go. If U are looking for any sporty parts I got a lot of early stuff. Jeremiah

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