Thursday, February 6, 2014

Motorcycle World

I was standing in line at the post office holding eight packages.  Each package had a Love Cycles shirt in it.  There were four stateside packages and four from other countries - United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Thailand.  I've been to London, but only for a short visit and I am positive I did not see as much as I would have liked to see.  I have never been to the other countries listed or many of the cities and states we ship to and we are not planning any vacations any time soon.

I started thinking about how cool it is that we send shirts to so many different places.  I thought how awesome it is that people enjoy what Jeremiah has created, Love Cycles, and that they like it enough to order a shirt, from little us, here in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

Jeremiah and I have always been interested in travel and learning about other towns, cities, states, countries, cultures and people.  Now that we have three children, traveling has become harder to do, for me. He gets to travel more than I do.

I thought it would be neat to see what you guys see.  What is your favorite place in your hometown?  What does it look like when you look out your window?  What is your favorite coffee shop? Since this is a motorcycle community, where is your favorite place you like to ride your bike? Where did you wear your love cycles shirt? What do you love about where you live? Show us some of your riding photos or your show us your bike.

As I was waiting in that line I got an idea to start a project, but I need your help.  

If you have bought a shirt or anything from us and if you are interested in participating, you can send three to four photos to

Tell us your name. Add a description about your photo(s).  It can be a paragraph, a sentence, a word or nothing at all.  It can be anything you want that shows where you live and what it's like to live there.  If you have an instagram account tell us your name and we will add it with your post. Only rule is that we keep it clean!

There will be a post a day, here at the ‘ol lovecycles blog, as soon as I get some participants.  Crossing fingers!

This is not a ploy to get more shirt sales.  It was just an idea I had to put a face and a place to the orders we receive from all over the world.

I hope to hear from you and I can't wait to get a glimpse of your world from your point of view.

Thanks for the support.


  1. Cool idea!! I ìll send you some photos!!! Ciao from Italy! Alberto

  2. Mona, what a wonderful will be fun to see all the comments and pictures from the Love Cycles world wide "family"

  3. Greetings from Brunei! A country in the island of Borneo, I have been following Jeremiah and Love Cycles I think before there were even "Love Cycles"(i think?) saw Jeremiah from a YouTube link which showed him with few friends and a guy they knew from germany I think, kickstarting a shovel or was it a panhead could not remember but thought it was cool until I got to know he has a motorcycle shop doing vintage bikes and had followed since! Haven't the chance to purchase anything from the Love Cycles though, always wanted to, so I guess here's a good reason to get something like maybe a shirt! This is also a great idea to spread the Love of motorcycle culture worldwide!

  4. Excited to see some pics Albert-one. Trying to keep it alive Buzzardsalinas. So cool to hear yeah that was about 6 years ago my buddy billy made that video of us in my old garage thanks for following us and the support Daddyfrisco

  5. I like your idea. It's weird how ideas like this actually help build friendships sometimes to. The internet has a strange way of bringing like minded people together and sometimes it turns out to be a great thing. I've never met you guys, but you seem like grounded, down to earth, family oriented people who "Love" motor bikes, and for that we have common ground.


    AJ Budgins
    Columbus, MS