Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vilmino / Tuscany, Italy

I visited Jeremiah at the shop in summer 2010.  We spent just an hour together as I was on a road trip.

It's so cool what you started on the blog, as I love blogs, here's my little contribution.

Last Sunday, we had a cool motorcycle run organized by a very close friend, Ciro @ http://old-aroma.blogspot.it.
Rain, sun, wind and hail in the same morning, from the country to the coast…

Jeremiah did a supercool handle-bar set for Ciro, a couple of years ago, and now it's on our good friend Chelico's softail.  It was his test-ride… his bike is a work in progress but the handle-bar set-up is done and it looks very good.  My bro Emiliano had his new front end test ride, too. super cool!!

so, this is about it. good time, no bullshit… FREE ENTHUSIASM.

Cheers from Tuscany.

love cycles handlebars on Chelico's soft tail
Vilmino and Chelico

Emiliano and his night train
Ciro and Mike

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